We listen, work closely and collaborate with our clients.

We create solutions to help bring our clients’ vision to fruition.  MADGI not only understands but know how to transform spaces that meets each client’s identity, culture and requirements.  We continuously provide them with our expertise, and support to help guide and resolve complex issues.

Project Management

MADGI and MDA understand the various phases and needs for each project.  As Project Managers, we are engaged every step of the way, from Pre-Design to Close-Out.  We approach every project with dedication and commitment  to delivering a project that meets your needs, schedule and budget.  Let us act as your point person on your next project and see it through to a successful completion.

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Change Management

Transitioning to a new work model can be a daunting task for employers, the change can have a toll on productivity and well being. Change Management guides companies through the transition process.  MADGI can walk your company through these challenges, creating a plan specifically for your workplace, reducing disruptions and increasing acceptance rates.

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Furniture Management

Renovating a workplace can be a large task to take on.  Adding furniture procurement on top of that can be overwhelming.  MADGI is here to assist and manage the entire process, from confirming the proposed layout and furniture needs through to the final placement of furniture.  We are with you every step of the way.

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Returning to the Office

Now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, employers are starting to plan for their workforce’s return to the office. Many are contemplating whether they should adopt a home-office hybrid work model or if they should lean towards a more flexible, wellness and tech focused space.

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WELLness in the Workplace

The WELL Building Standard is a certification program for the built space – interiors, new buildings, and existing buildings – that puts people first.

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The Healthy Workplace Tips

As employers take measures to reopen from the effects of COVID-19 the consensus seems to favor transformative changes to the workplace and how we work. At MADGI, we are evaluating and identifying future trends and developing inspired workplaces.

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Post-COVID Workplace Tips

It’s too early to tell how COVID-19 will ultimately alter the way we work but most industry professionals are in agreement that the office workplace will change. While office spaces sit unoccupied due to stay-at-home orders in place, it’s a good time to start thinking about the precautions your business will have to implement to ensure your safe return to the workplace.

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Every business faces changes when relocating or reevaluating their existing space. Programming can help you evaluate your company in the face of this transformation while also giving the project designers the opportunity to understand your needs. This process yields a strong conceptual design that will lead to a successful future workspace for your mission and vision.  

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Renovating Life Science Facilities

Life Science companies are growing at record rates. To accommodate growth in the R&D sectors, companies are looking to the future of the workplace to create room for expansion.  Many are looking to investigate if their business models will shift to integrate a hybrid work-home model or create more flexible workspaces.

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Renovating Consumer Product Facilities

We are in an unprecedented time as companies are anticipating what the workplace will look like over the next ten years.  Many are looking to investigate if their business models will shift to integrate better work-life balance or create more flexible workspaces. To do this, companies will determine if additional space is needed or if existing workspaces can be renovated.

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Repositioning for the Life Science & Consumer Product Industries

As the life science and consumer product sector rapidly grows, repositioning
buildings into life science and consumer product facilities present new opportunities for Building Owners.

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