Long Island City Tower With Views of Manhattan

May 15, 2017 | News

A new 10-story, mixed-use building has risen in Dutch Kills, a neighborhood within Long Island City that has yet to see the booming development that has marked the rest of the area.

Located at 37-14 36th St., the 135,000 square foot building will house a Silver Star Mercedes-Benz dealership on the first two stories and 85 rental units on the remaining floors. Developer Silver Star Motors, architect firm Montroy Andersen DeMarco (MADGI), and builder 1 Oak Contracting held a topping ceremony on Aug. 24.

The building was originally going to be developed as a Mercedes-Benz dealership but MADGI convinced Silver Star Motors to conduct a residential test fit to “maximize value for the owner,” according to MADGI Principal Richard J. DeMarco.

The units will be marketed mostly to “young professionals,” according to a press release. A total of 30 studios, 27 one-bedroom apartments, 28 two-bedroom units and two three-bedroom units will be constructed.

“The building will cater to the needs of young professionals, especially those working in the technology sector, both in Manhattan and Long Island City,” said MNS CEO Andrew Barrocas, the leasing broker for the project. “The property will offer extensive tenant amenities, great views, and a very convenient and brief commute to Manhattan.”

A cellar will house residential parking spaces, residential storage, and utility systems. Private terraces will be built into 30 percent of the units.

Residential amenities include a 500-square foot gym with a 1,600-square foot outdoor barbeque area, Zen yoga space, and an outdoor trellis seating area. The 700-square foot lounge will have a pantry, a communal table and a television lounge. Laundry facilities will also be located on the third floor for studio residents. The one-, two-, and three-bedroom units will have their own laundry facilities.

The 10th floor will also feature a 1,300-square foot public space with a fireplace and seating area with views of Manhattan.

“We are excited to achieve this significant milestone in the development process, thanks to the efforts and dedication of the design and construction team of Montroy Andersen DeMarco and 1 Oak,” said Silver Star Motors Principal Michael Cohen.

It was not immediately clear when interested tenants would be able to start renting.