New Developments: Lower Manhattan Camper Store

Oct 3, 2017 | News

Camper, the Majorca, Spain based-footwear brand, pitches its tent in the Westfield World Trade Center mall with another of its exceptional and distinctive designs. The concept was the result of a collaboration between the company’s in-house design team and Montroy Andersen DeMarco (MADGI). The 650-sq.-ft store’s concept stays true to Camper’s creative and unconventional approach to create unique experiences at each of its locations. The idea of diorama-like exhibits encompassed the entire design of the store, where the shoes serve as the focal artifacts. Hardwood floors transition into gray walls and ceiling. The shoes are displayed in seven-foot-tall merchandise display cabinets featuring LED strips and replaceable colorful photo backgrounds to give the store a playful tone that goes along with each season.

Camper is among the first of 116 stores to open at the new World Trade Center complex, the largest mall in Manhattan, and a short walk to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Source: Arazoo New Developments Blog