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FedCap Rehabilitation Services

Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc., or Fedcap located in midtown Manhattan is a not-for-profit organization that provides vocational training and employment resources to those who face barriers to unemployment. The (3) floor, 51,500 SF interior renovation required numerous infrastructural upgrades. This included a new entrance, reception, lobby, stairs overlooking the space, conference rooms, offices, classrooms, bathrooms, state of the art kitchen, evaluation and testing spaces. Fedcap was a (3) floor 51,500 SF interior renovation that required many infrastructural upgrades. The project included a new entry enclosure, stairs, and a state of the art training kitchen. A complex program informed a layout inclusive of offices, training facilities and required equipment, classrooms, and circlulation / service spaces. The design palette took inspiration from natures color palette infused with innovative spaces required by the Fedcap program.


Size: 51,500 SF