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Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of wire and cable in the world. Their products include automotive, electronics/consumer electronics, energy, environment, infrastructure, semiconductor device, information and communication.
Sumitomo Electric wanted to upgrade and expand their headquarter offices. The client expressed a preference for a bright, clean, minimalist space with high ceilings and LED lighting that would reflect the firm’s design aesthetic. In response, MADGI specified white paint for architectural elements and used light colors for the design finishes and furniture. Overhead LED direct/indirect pendants additionally highlight a clean and inviting feel of the workspace. MADGI developed a layout for the new office that located half of the workstations in the center, and half on the window side of Fifth Avenue that gave the workers better lighting and the view to St. Patrick’s cathedral. The design program included four conference rooms of various sizes, placed on the 48th and 49th Street sides. The two executive offices were located on the 49th street sides on the floor. The two largest conference rooms were designed with mobile furniture to increase flexibility and accommodate training-style meetings and presentations. The new office includes a 220 SF pantry, an ADA bathroom and an IT room. The service spaces and bathrooms were located on the sides of the main entrance, which gave these areas increased privacy and separated them from the main office space.


Size: 8,000 SF