The Healthy Workplace Guide

Jun 16, 2020 | News

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

As employers take measures to reopen from the effects of COVID-19 the consensus seems to favor transformative changes to the workplace and how we work. At MADGI and MDA we are evaluating and identifying future trends and developing inspired workplaces. Our focus is moving forward to a better office design that is healthier, more efficient and productive for our clients. Our work has led us to believe that initial changes that respond to COVID will give way to long lasting changes that improve the workplace. Changes we have made to incorporate WELL standards, build flex offices and integrate technology will not fade once a vaccine is in hand.

To explain our thoughts on the short and long-term impacts from this historic moment we have created this Healthy Workplace Guide. The topics discussed are:

The Temporary and New Normal

• Why Should We Return to the Office?

• Tips for Building Lobbies and Elevators

• The Temporary Workplace

• Design for Now and Plan for the Future

We hope this guideline helps you prepare for a safe return to the office. Click on the link below to download our Healthy Workplace Guide. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We wish you, your loved ones a healthy, safe return to the office.